Garage Insurance FAQs

Garage Insurance FAQs

FAQs - Regarding the policy acceptance and cover


How can the premium be paid?

Premiums can only be paid via Paypal.


Is this policy only available online?

Yes - currently this policy is only available online via the website.


Can I amend a policy once I have taken it out?

Yes you can, please follow this make an amendment link if you would like to do so.


I have recently purchased a policy but my documents have not been emailed?

The policy documents are emailed immediately after your payment has gone through. However, if you have not received these, it may be worth checking your Junk/Spam folder as they sometimes appear there.


Can I view the policy document prior to taking out this insurance?

Yes, follow the link to view the policy document.


Is there a limit to the length of time I can arrange the policy for?

The policy can only be purchased purchased annually.


Can I cancel this insurance if I no longer require the cover?

Yes, you can cancel this policy at any time and you will receive a full pro rata refund. Please use the make an amendment form if you wish to cancel.


How much should I insure the garage for?

You should insure the garage for the full rebuilding cost, including clearing any debris.


Does an excess apply to this garage insurance?

Yes, a £250 excess applies to each claim.


Is there a maximum amount that you can insure under this garage insurance policy?

Yes, the maximum amount you can cover is £99,999 per garage unit.


Is there a limit to how far in advance I can buy this garage insurance policy?

Yes, the policy can be purchased up to 30 days in advance of the start date of the policy.


Is this garage insurance policy renewable?

No, this garage insurance policy is non-renewable, although if you require further cover a separate policy can always be purchased to coincide with the end date of the initial policy.


Can this garage insurance be used to cover multiple units at the same location?

Yes, if you have more than one garage on the same piece of land they can be covered under the one policy provided the total sum insured does not exceed £99,999.


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